Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Window frames, deadlight frames, whatever you call them

... suddenly, in a veritable bristle of clamps, they are underway.

The cabin sides have the holes cut in them. The frames are glued on inside, so the glass sits flush with the cabin sides on the exterior.

Shaped frames, ready to install inside.

And here's some of them, glued and clamped. To be continued!


  1. Hi, are the frames made up from scraps or is full square of ply used? Seems like a lot of waste if the latter.

    1. Hi Edward -- sorry for the delayed response. As it happened, the frames were cut from pieces left over from cutting the cabin top. If you'd like to see more detail on the glass installation, there's a post in August of 2012 about it.

      The frames are important to keeping the glass in place and water on the preferred side (that is, out) so we would have cut the out of full sheets if we hadn't had partial pieces big enough to cut from -- they aren't something we would feel comfortable putting together out of smaller bits.

      Hope this helps clarify things.