Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The boat shop remains chilly, the days remain long and dark, and Trevor's shop remains heated and well-lit. Glue something up, the cry rang out!

So -- masts it is. 

The astute reader will remember that this Narai Mk IV will be rigged as a wingsail schooner, so are two masts. Each is 34'6". We're building them from Douglas Fir. 

"We" in this case really means "Trevor" so far. Life having shouldered itself into the way in its usual fashion, Robbie hasn't been able to devote any time to mast building so far. Me neither -- educational consulting is boat work too, right? Sure -- it's all boat work, as we say.

Step 1 -- Buy the lumber. We went to Pacific Forest Products, and picked through what felt like every 16' 1x6 on Vancouver Island to find 24 we were satisfied with.

Doug fir, Doug fir everywhere -- but not all mast-worthy.

It was a nasty, sleety, snowy day, so the lumber had to be tucked in for its trip up the island.

Planed and in process. The mast is built as a square, then shaped.
Trevor added a bump-out at the front of his shop to allow for the mast length.

Custom-made bases to allow for clamping. A simple and elegant solution to a somewhat awkward problem. Wharram suggests wiring the pieces together while the glue sets, but not all boatbuilders rejoice in the Henderson clamp collection and Trevor's ability to solve problems in woodworking.