Friday, July 3, 2015


Isn't it alarming and disheartening when blogs just go dormant? 

"They've stopped," I imagine readers thinking gloomily. "They're just going to sit there with a half-finished boat project for the next decade."

But no! It is not so! There has been a good amount of progress since April, when I last posted. The galley is not only installed, it has the perfect shelf to hold our four travel mugs. And there has been a lot of painting, all of it white so far. And the appropriate chimney-cap has been discovered and purchased for the Dickinson Marine wood heater. (For the first one at least; we are imagining that we'll have one per hull.)

There are pictures, too, but, being an up-to-date individual, I haven't freed them from my phone. 

This weekend. Promise.