Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another day...

Another colour!
No more white hull! Trevor used the roller, Robbie did the brushed bits and took the pictures, and from today we have two blue hulls.

My role: staring admiringly at the results.
Breathing and this kind of paint don't, I find, go well together.

Yes, the other side is painted too. 
And it's all really that shiny.
Friday's errand list includes
flattening agent.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Call me Ishmael

Because really, why not? I haven't posted for so long, you've likely entirely forgotten my name if you ever knew it. 

And, well, I do see a slight resemblance ...
And while "obsessed" seems like a rather strong word, we are extremely determined. And very glad to be back to boat work once again.

Why the long silence? 
Sometimes things just seem to happen.
But we're back now.
Painting bulwarks. Getting ready to see the hull turn blue.
See? Just fine now.