Friday, October 14, 2011

More deck supports

One week on, and more deck structure has appeared. This part goes fast!

From the stern,  you can see the aft hatch opening.
Looking over the bow, you can see the palm trees...  you do need a fairly good imagination.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Well, deck supports, really. Yesterday we arrived home from an afternoon spent working with friends in the Gabriola Commons garden, and discovered that Trevor had built the deck supports over the forward berth.

From above. Hard to see in the picture,  but essentially there are boards going from one side of the boat to the other (the deck support beams), crossed by pieces going between the bulkheads (the deck stringers). The spaces between deck stringers are filled in with packing pieces. The wood is beautiful Douglas fir. All will be glued with expoxy, and screwed with bronze screws. 

Looking forward from inside the chart room. This looks mostly like a picture of a much-used clamp collection and is Much Less Exciting than the actual sight.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


In 1978, Woody Allen released a movie called Interiors

I don't remember the plot; all I remember is that things moved slowly, and everything was painted white.

Catamarans are sort of like that. Trevor and Robbie are working away on the interior of the starboard hull. Many of the pieces are in place. We have a companionway, a chart table with three shelves underneath, lovely little triangular shelves for holding glasses in each of the berths, berth supports... 

The head is still under construction (it's going in the aft compartment) and there will be some shelves and possibly a small workbench in the forward compartment. All in all, though, the interior is coming along beautifully. 

And it isn't all painted white. The interiors of the bilges are indeed a very bright white. They're intended for storage and are covered up with sole panels, and we thought the brighter the better when it comes time to look for things. Above the sole all interior spaces will be Hatteras off-white -- an Interlux Brightside polyurethane paint. Two coats of primer, two coats of top coat, with time to dry between each coat... this is not the quick part. 
Beam support blocks. They support the beam ends in their troughs,
and connect to the lashing strakes outside.
The companionway. Boots by Aldo. Maybe.

Looking down into the bright white bilge. This section is under a berth.
Resemblance to an enamelled bathtub is coincidental.
Looking aft, through the chart room into the aft berth.
Easy to see the contrast between bright white and Hatteras off-white. 
Shelves at the end of the berth. These will be painted -- wait for it! -- Hatteras off-white...
but edged with oiled Douglas Fir. These shelf edges (in three berths) will be the only
unpainted wood in the interior. The goal is to launch rather than varnish.

Dreaming of the tropics... though once the deck is on
the berth won't be quite this bright...

The chart table, dry fit, with coffee cup already installed.