Project hours log

This log records total hours put in by everyone working on the project. Twelve hours might mean twelve hours by one individual, or four hours each by three people.

The hours include miscellaneous tasks such as moving completed components for the second hull into storage, moving lumber for the specific part of project identified, and all the time-consuming bits and pieces that never show up on official plans. What's not included? Shop reorganization, travel to buy additional lumber... anything not directly related to the building of the boat.

Initial work done for both hulls

  • 130 hours -- Lofting the backbone, building backbones, bulkheads and beam troughs, gluing up stringers

Hull #1 -- the starboard hull

  • 70 hours -- Set-up: assembling and fairing for hull #1: bulkheads and backbone, stringers and packing, keel, stem and stern planks
  • 130 hours -- Planking; fairing keel, installing rudder post
  • 115 hours -- Preparing the hull for glassing, glassing and sanding
Beams -- currently in process
  • 58 hours to date -- four webs built, lumber planed for beam assembly