Sunday, June 9, 2013

The masts!

We had one very exciting Tiger day earlier this summer. We moved the masts from Trevor's shop to our shop.
Here they are, safe in the shop. Still some shaping to do on one of them -- see how the one on the left is round, and the one on the right is angular? It's octagonal. It won't be when it's done.

Although they are not tall for masts -- 34 feet, more or less -- and they are fairly light, they were waaaaaaay too long for our little trailer. 

Enter Mark Pounds, Somerset Excavating. (Thanks, Mark!) Strapping the masts on to this trailer definitely gave them the air of gravitas that my alternative idea (four people walking down the road with a mast on their shoulders) would have lacked. 

Plus, easier on the shoulders.
Here they are on the floor of Trevor's shop. The astute observer will note that they stick out the door. By the time we took this picture, we'd already removed the extension on the front of the shop.

Robbie and Mark strapping them into position on the trailer.
Here they come! Yes, it is a large truck, isn't it! The masts weight maybe 30 kilos each.

Oops, sorry -- been gardening!

Work on Penna is proceeding. Work on Tiger is delayed for the moment; Penna takes priority because we really want to go sailing! And she's a lovely boat, and it really is now or never for these repairs.

She has a lovely new sheer clamp that isn't visible in these pictures, and there has been much sanding, and sistering of frames at the top edge. Soon there will be a new sole, then new cockpit benches and decks.

And then can I go sailing, please? If I promise to plant the rest of the beets first?