Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Deck! No, really, deck!

... or at least the deck jigsaw for the starboard hull is completed! And in truly exciting news, we're into the second bundle of plywood!

This step is really exciting -- definitely worth all four exclamation points.

Beam troughs

The beams that hold the catamaran together rest in beam troughs as they pass over the top of each hull. The beams are ultimately lashed to the hull; there will be lots of posts upcoming about the various bits and pieces that the beams rest on and are lashed to.

For the moment, here are the beam troughs. All four are now glassed and faired and look lovely -- lovelier to those who know what a painstaking process it is, of course!

One of the most exciting days was when Trevor cut the openings on the hull sides where the beams will emerge. Definitely a "beginning to look  lot more like a boat" moment.

Then came much sanding...

... and glassing.

We're delighted to get this done before the weather gets colder. It's all cured now, and lots more sanding has occurred.

Since we have cold cure hardener, we are able to glue things using epoxy during cooler weather. Glassing at low temperatures feels a bit stressful, though. Somehow the thought of "What if it doesn't..." creeps in! All cured now, so no panic.