Tuesday, April 14, 2015


noun bul·wark \ˈbl-(ˌ)wərk, -ˌwrk; ˈbəl-(ˌ)wərk; sense 3 also ˈbə-ˌläk\

Or is it bulwarks? One rarely hears of a single, lonely bulwark, yet it does appear to exist as a singular noun.

Plural or singular, it (or they) are now attached to the hull. The port hull. The bulwark (or bulwarks) run full-length on the outboard side, and cover only a small section forward and aft on the inboard side.

Here it is dry-fit, with none of the notching for the beams cut.

And here it is glued and clamped. It's a relatively large glue job. We're into the reasonable weather again, so we don't have to worry much about temperature.

Forward inboard section
 The most amazing thing about all of this is realizing that it's the last time we'll be doing it. The project felt endless at the beginning -- all very exciting, because we were seeing things for the first time -- but really endless, since we knew there was another hull to go. Now it's getting much more real. It's becoming easier to believe that at a point in the reasonably near future, we will stop having a boat project and start having a boat.

Mind you, there are many, many layers of paint to apply first. And there's a deck to build. And the rigging. And the masts to finish. And the sails. And and.