Monday, August 4, 2014

Three cheers for our vacuum!

The Festool sander we have connects to the Festool vacuum. So we've almost forgotten how dusty sanding is when one doesn't have an integrated system.

The other day Robbie was sanding outside, while Trevor was sanding in a compartment. Seemed only fair for Trevor to use the vacuum,  the better to enjoy the pleasure of overhead sanding on a hot day with. 

Here's Robbie after some sanding on deck. Good reason to use the vacuum! And the mask, of course, the outline of which you can see on his head.

And are these not the most styling glasses ever?

Swatch. From Geneva. Perfect for every occasion.

1 comment:

  1. That is a lot of sawdust. Haha! Anyway, I just hope you don’t have any allergies, since those dust could really get everywhere. Maybe next time, one could focus on something else while the sander with the integrated vacuum is in use. Good day!

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.