Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's a boat without a rudder?

For the moment, at least, there's no need to answer that question. Here's the rudder temporarily installed. Yes, it will need another coat of paint, won't it.


  1. Wilson, close the gap between hull and rudder, you have some options to do this...

    1. Rogerio, it's not really installed -- just hung there temporarily.

      What kinds of options are you thinking of?

    2. I noticed a lot of turbulence behind our new lashed rudders. You can't close the gap more than the diameter of the rope, and you can't provide a fixed fairing like with a pintle/gudgeon hinge, since the rudder isn't pivoting from a fixed axis.

      My idea was to attach a flexible rubber strip on each side of the hull and having it extend a few inches past the lashing on the rudder, so both sides always cover the gap between hull and rudder.

      But Wharrams are fast enough regardless of a little turbulence back there :)
      Looking good!