Saturday, April 12, 2014

Moving along

It is such a deep pleasure to see the boat progressing again. 

"It's all boat work," we say, and it is all boat work too -- the cleanup and the contract work and the making dinner and all the other things that happen to support the boatbuilding project -- but it feels different when the boat work results in visible changes.

The first visible change happened when Trevor sanded the interior. The boatshop is sound and free of drips, but this is the west coast after all, and it is certainly humid. There was a light but demoralizing coating of mold or some other fungally thing on the surface of the plywood. It's all gone now, and the boat is lighter and brighter.

Much improved!
That was Week 1. Since then, there have been berth flat supports installed, and some glue-up done. 

Berth flat supports in place

The glue bench is back in action

... as is every clamp on the property for this glue-up -- cabin sole boards.
What could be more satisfying than progress on such a wonderful project, with such congenial companions, and with spring really here?

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