Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That was fun -- let's do it again!

The one moment in the project when I rather wished we were building a monohull.
With the first hull finished, what could we do but begin another one? And quickly, too. Average temperatures are a good bit lower in November than they are in October. We're fairly sure we'll get the temperatures we need to finish glassing the second hull if we can do it before Hallowe'en... but after that would need either good luck or a lot of propane to heat the shop.

We may all be zombies by Hallowe'en, but it does look like we're on track. Here's the progress so far.

The backbone, beam troughs and bulkheads for the second hull were already built, stored in the boatshop rafters.

Down they came, to be reunited with the smaller bulkheads we'd stored in the workshop.

Trevor sanded everything to get rid of the mold that had grown on the plywood surfaces. Ugh. We're still puzzled about why it grew on the plywood but not on the spruce of the shop. It's gone now, anyway.
Stringers are all assembled, and bevelled, and currently on the wall of the shop. Here they are arrayed on the floor (in the way) before they moved to the wall (also in the way, but differently. And they'll be installed soon.)

No task is more satisfying than checking things off a to-do list.

Coffee -- official beverage of the 2012 boat build.

Beginning the setup

We hoisted the backbone to position it on the larger bulkheads.

Eventually all the bulkheads were in place, and things were braced.
And then it was time to level and straighten and such.
Ready for the next phase. Clever observers will see the first keel piece on the far end.

We have gone beyond this now -- currently two layers of wood are glued on the keel, and one on each of stem and stern, and the whole backbone bristles with clamps. But that's a story for another day.