Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Safe and sound

Hull #1, the starboard hull, is safely established in the alpaca meadow. Trevor and Robbie built an astonishingly large shelter to go over it. The shelter will protect the paint job from UV damage. We really want the hulls to look the same age when we launch.

The frame looked absolutely gigantic. It seemed a bit more reasonable in size once the tarp was in position.

In the photo on the right you'll see that one side of the shelter isn't tarped. That's the north-facing side; it really doesn't get sun, and leaving it open means the hull is more accessible. Hatch covers are open, and screens have been installed over them. (We want to be the first to live aboard.) The shelter's tied down with ropes to rebar -- you can see the guys in the picture, but you do have to look closely.

While in preparation and cleanup mode, Robbie and Trevor put a solid top on the ramp at the end of the boat shop. It seemed to make a lot more sense than removing the ramp they built to haul the first hull out. It will also eliminate my graceless scramble to get into the shop from that end -- the other end has steps. 

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