Friday, December 16, 2011

More cabin top progress

December 16... my new favourite day! We do not yet have the top of the cabin, but we do have the starboard, port, fore and aft pieces dry-fit, and the holes for deadlights cut.

It looks absolutely amazing. Even without the top, we can get a real sense of what the chart room will be like. It may not be obvious from the pictures, but this boat is definitely getting closer to the tropics every day.
Glass templates screwed in place for marking. We confirmed the glass size with the templates -- BudgetGlass did a great job. The deadlights are perfect.

Looking aft, with the holes cut. The channel in front of the cabin top is the beam trough.

Starboard side

Looking aft. No windows in the aft end of the cabin top, since the cockpit sits right behind and there would be something blocking the view. Of feet. Since the cockpit's there anyway.

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