Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Robbie and Trevor are at work on the interior of the first hull. We see dramatic progress daily, but since the dramatic progress involves gluing small bits of wood in and painting things white, it might not look as dramatic for spectators. Here are some photos, anyway. Soon we'll burst up out of the interior and on to the deck and cabin top, and there will be lots of more visual progress.

Trevor beginning his life's work. Four coats... yikes.
After coat two.
Fillets. And more fillets.

Chart table mockup
Painting is a slow process -- two coats primer, two coats top-coat, all while poised on the verticals and stringers. We're using one-part polyurethane and it looks amazingly white. In the bilge and the stern and bow compartments we've chosen bright white. The rest of the interior (above berth level) will be Hatteras Off-White. It's -- well -- off-white. No decision yet on the hull colour.

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