Sunday, May 29, 2011

First hull turned!

Almost there! Photo by Carol Martin

The first hull is turned!

We had a wonderful afternoon. At 1:30 people began arriving for our two o'clock start. They kept streaming up the drive way until we had a total of about 80.

Over it goes! Photo by Aileen Adam
Watching the hull turn was amazing. Trevor gave clear instructions to the teams on either side of the boat, there was a brief pause, and the hull seemed to float up from the floor. Trevor, Robbie and John Carlson positioned the pre-made cradles, and the team gently settled the hull down on to them.

After the success, people stayed around for coffee, lemonade and apple turnovers -- the event-appropriate snack promised in the invitation. We made 120 of them, and they were gone, to the crumb.

Thanks to the following... and to those who came, turned, and left without writing their names down.

The hull, ready to turn

Part of the crew ready to go -- Photo by Carol Martin
Trevor Henderson, John Carlson, Naomi Melnyk, Shelagh H., David S., Grace D., Alisa P., Helen C., Stewart L., Christine W., Dave B., Patsy T., Regina, Matthew, Richard H., Claire H., Don T., Neil, Aileen, Carol M., Hiromi B., Richard B., Miriam C., Gwen S., Joke M., Kimm N., Barbara H., Raymond T., Heide B., Q. Goldman, Judy S.,  Zephyr, Frid, Leif, Lisa, Pollen, Kyron, Luke, Jim D., Linda P., Kyla S., Frank Stevens, Elisa B., Shawn G., Victor A., Bev, Paul T., Patrick R., Phil H., Judith R., Nancy, Steff, Claire, Jackie, Kevin, Hayden, Kristin, Christine, Ken D., Rick S., Raymond, Susan Y, Randy, Richard A., Jan E. Phyllis F., Cathy H., Lynne & Randy Y., Vic F., Frank B. Ursula M., Jackie D., Rick M., Mitch B, Allister M., D. Davenport, Trish N., Al B., Louise A., Iain L.

Off the floor!

Almost too high -- touching the next hull's bulkheads, hanging in the shop rafters.

Over it comes

Ta dah! Carol Martin photo
Braced and waiting for cradles Carol Martin photo

Ready for the next step! Photo by Carol Martin


  1. Thanks for sending the link guys, I had no idea that you were going ahead with the build. I can't believe how quick the progress has been! Looks great, good luck!

  2. Thank you, Murray! We love to hear "quick" -- we don't always feel very quick! But we're really happy with the progress.