Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Really? Not since May?

Oh dear.

What with One Thing (the garden) and Another (work, mostly, and vacation. And haymaking.) I am really behind on updating this blog. 

There's been a bit of time away from Tiger, too, as Robbie and Trevor do a few things for Penna. Here are a couple of images from today:

The oiled cockpit -- much lower than the one it replaced. On the right you can see a winch, installed on a new winch-base -- there's another one on the other side. The whole boat looks terrific and now, with no engine, doesn't smell like old diesel. 

Here we are looking intrepid and seaworthy this morning. I am not sure I should tell you that we lounged about and went out for lunch. 

There has been lots of progress on Tiger. A lot of it -- things like the beam chocks -- are exciting for us to see but don't make such lively blog images. Nonetheless, here's a few images of what has been happening on the boat.

Here you can see the cutouts for the beams.
And here the line of sanding where the lashing strake will go. (Well, "has gone" by now.)

Here's our terrific neighbour Russ, who came over to help with the sanding.
Here's Take 2 on the galley table, made to fold down and allow access to the berth. Note that the wonderful glow of natural light apparent in the berth is only there because there is as yet no deck. It will be, sadly, dimmer in the future -- no skylights. And no deadlights. We're thinking cozy.

A stove! And another stove! Here's the cooktop and a little wood-burner in the galley mockup. We likely won't use this exact wood-burning heater, since it's from Penna the folkboat, but the cooktop is the one we plan to use. They're side by side on the side opposite the companionway.

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