Wednesday, February 27, 2013

... and still masts

And it's still cold. Not really cold -- we've had a mild winter -- but cold for working in the boatshop without heat. 

Trevor is continuing to work on the masts in his cozy warm shop. 

Soon it will be spring.

On the right, you can see the first mast glued up. The second is in two pieces in the middle of the picture. You can't see the warmth of the shop, but the t-shirt gives you a clue.

There are slight differences between the foremast and the main mast, but since they're the same length and pretty darn similar, labelling where it wouldn't get sanded off seemed prudent.

A bit of a side project -- Trevor's building us a yuloh for Penna, our folkboat. A yuloh is a Chinese sculling oar. Robbie drew a plan for it based on a variety of sources. We'll experiment with Penna (2 tons) and see how it works there before we decide to try one on the much heavier catamaran.


  1. Hello Mary! I've been thinking about you guys lots this winter - how are you and Rob? The pictures of your boat odyssey are fascinating! I hope Helen is well, could give her my love? Also, because I am a dunce and didn't get them properly before leaving Facebook, could you give me your email address and also Josh's (or his number would be fine)? I would like to send along some photos of Milo once I have your email. Talk to you soon! Big hugs from still-freezing Winnipeg :)

  2. Hi Jo!

    My email's mary.gabriola@

    Send me an email and I'll send you Josh's -- mine's already linked on our blog but I don't want to put his out there.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of Milo! We'd love to see the real thing, too, if you and the family ever head this way!