Sunday, November 4, 2012

Up and over!

Thank you all! What a wonderful afternoon! 

Cradles ready for installation. 

Robbie's mum in position to supervise
The crew assembles. 

Wonderful friends and neighbours...

... from the Commons, Save Our Shores, Positive Energy Quilters, the Gabriola Recorder Consort, St. Martin's ...
... fellow boatbuilders, gardeners and family...

... together can do amazing things!

Almost there! This is the scary part for spectators.


And she's upright. She rested on cribs first, and then the cradles were installed. The photographer was busy distributing turnovers so missed these details!

The six survivors of 161 apple turnovers baked this morning in advance of the turn.

Thank you, everyone! It takes a village to turn a hull, and we are very lucky in our village.

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