Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Installing the bulwark cap

Wharram calls for a strip of plywood glued on top of the bulwark, but Wharram doesn't work with a traditional boat builder. Trevor suggested a purpleheart cap to match the lashing strake, and we agreed. And it looks wonderful.

The cap is attached to the top of the bulwark with sikaflex, and then with countersunk screws. Since the screw holes are then plugged, it hasn't been oiled yet -- oiled wood can't be glued with carpenter's glue, and that's what is being used to hold the plugs in.

The process required quite a bit of prep, since we didn't want too much sikaflex (or any, really) dripping on the beautiful paint job.

Here it is, masked with newspaper to keep the sikaflex off.

Installation is a two-person job. Since the cap has to curve quite dramatically over the length of the hull, and purpleheart is really strong wood, it's under a lot of pressure. As you can see, deck and cabin top is painted too.

And this is what it will look like -- a wonderful contrast with the Hatteras White bulwark. 

The decks are painted now too, and so is the cabin top. It's all Hatteras White, flattened to a matte finish the same as the hull. Photos to follow!


  1. Pretty finish...I know how much work is need.
    See you in water, Good Winds to Tiger

  2. Thank you, Roger! We will be a while yet... one more hull to go!