Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The rudder

Since we are using the Tiki upgrade package for the original Narai Mk IV plans, our rudders are lashed. (Everything about using the Tiki-style lashed beams and rudder is included in the various design improvement packages we got from James Wharram Designs.

Clamping and tying the rudder into position
The rudders are lashed with cord (I'll update with the name of the cord once I find the package!) in sections, as you can see in the photos. Ultimately the holes will be epoxied.

For us the lashing is one of the most exciting parts of the boat. We've carried this design idea along into hatch covers, too.

Lashed into place. Note the three sections, and the holes drilled through the rudder post. 
Lashing close-up. The design upgrade is silent on size and type of rope for this task. Trevor's main concern is  to balance strength of rope needed against the weakening of the rudder post that occurs with the drilling of holes.

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