Thursday, February 16, 2012

More cabin top progress

Much progress has occurred. Inside the hull, there's primer in many places. There's a new shelf in the chart room, various packing pieces intended to brace things that go outside, and other details. Up at Trevor's shop, there are finished gaffs, and a ramp with all the woodwork done.

And the cabin top is now glued in place. And so are all the window frames. None of this shows quite as much as other more dramatic stages -- but we do have the all-important photographic evidence of progress. And hey, more to the point, a hull that is moving towards completion.

The wide, curved pieces are temporary supports built to support the cabin top stringers.
Yet another thing that will save time on the second hull.

Bits of plastic in place to keep the stringers from getting glued to the supports.

The cabin top is two layers of 1/4 inch (6 mm) ply.

With the cabin top in place, it was time for an exciting step -- cutting out the hatch so we don't have to slither in through a narrow gap.

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