Thursday, March 31, 2011


Planking a hull is just fun. It's like putting up the framing for a house -- fast,relatively straightforward, and visually a quick trip from, "Oh, what are you building?" to "Wow! A boat!"
Planking in the plywood-and-epoxy world is particularly engaging, since it happens 32 square feet at a time. Take that, mahogany hand-craftedness!

We did the planking over three
days -- a total of 44 people-hours, with one person mostly mixing epoxy, two nailing, and all three scraping excess glue off. Very satisfying.

"Alpaca side?"

Well, we have alpacas too. And their pasture is on this side of the boat.

The other side is "house side."

This labelling system is not in the original plans.

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