Friday, July 3, 2015


Isn't it alarming and disheartening when blogs just go dormant? 

"They've stopped," I imagine readers thinking gloomily. "They're just going to sit there with a half-finished boat project for the next decade."

But no! It is not so! There has been a good amount of progress since April, when I last posted. The galley is not only installed, it has the perfect shelf to hold our four travel mugs. And there has been a lot of painting, all of it white so far. And the appropriate chimney-cap has been discovered and purchased for the Dickinson Marine wood heater. (For the first one at least; we are imagining that we'll have one per hull.)

There are pictures, too, but, being an up-to-date individual, I haven't freed them from my phone. 

This weekend. Promise.


  1. Aloha Guys!
    I'm on the Big Island HI watching your wonderful build.
    Trying to decide whether to build a Tangaroa Mk IV or a Narai Mk II. Really appreciate your blog!

    Cheers, Allen

  2. Hi friend I'm in Brazil looking near your build. I know how many work to do. But we love the pictures. Power and good winds.

  3. Thank you both so much! It's Most Encouraging to find that people are reading. We've been a bit slowed up due to some necessary home repairs, but we're still at it. And really, more pictures soon.

  4. I decided to build a Narai Mk IV. Your blog was a big help to me figuring out which to build.
    Really appreciate you taking the time & effort to share your building Tiger!
    Looking forward to seeing more great progress. :-)

    Cheers, Allen

  5. Hope you're still moving along. I pop in every now and again to check on progress. If it's stagnated I hope you get back to it soon.
    Best wishes

  6. Hi Guys! I have A Tangaroa thats in the water up here in Fanny Bay. If you ever want to chat, Give me a shout.

  7. I'm back! Dave, we definitely want to get up there and see that Tangaroa -- are you around all summer?